A Milestone.

We meet many people throughout life.

We even become fiends with some of them.

Only occasionally do we meet a person who has an indelible impact on our lives.

Such a person is Jozeygirl.

Jozeygirl turns 30 today - what a milestone for her (and for me).

I met Jozeygirl for the first time as a newborn baby girl. What a little beauty! Through the years I shared many happy, and many sad moments with her, and got to know her very well... you could say a special bond exists between us.

At two, she nearly died of a massive asthma attack
but she lived.

At four, she ceased breathing and her heart stopped after a bee sting
but she fought back and won.

At seven she was diagnosed with quite severe dyslexia
but she currently publishes her own Blog.

At 12 she was told never to take any subject that has anything to do with figures
but she ended up as chief cashier for a huge music shop.

At 13 she was told to forget her dream of doing a "Year for Christ" (no money)
but at 18 she received a 100% sponsorship and realised her dream.

On A Majority of Two a couple of days ago, Jo wrote a post about choosing six words that describe yourself - I want to choose six words to describe Jozeygirl:


Happy Birthday Jozeygirl. It has been a delight to share your first 30 years with you!


budh.aaah said...

And a very happy Birthday to you from me too Jozeygirl. Please wish her for me. She is a survivor, yeah that girl is.

jozey said...

ag thanx die laaste ding wat ek wou doen voor ek gaan slaap het op my 30ste verjaardag is tjank.

couldn't do it without you.

love you to ma

A human kind of human said...

Hi Budh.aaah, Yes she is in more ways than I can tell. Try visiting her blog, it is called Jozeygirl - I think you will enjoy it.