A tiny Miracle!

On Friday, 13 March 2009, my friends, Marshal and Jolandi became the proud parents of this tiny miracle girl.

She was born after only 28 weeks gestation and weighed 890 grams at birth. This morning, only 60 hours after birth, she breathed so strongly on her own that the oxygen support was removed.

We all realise that a long battle lays ahead for her, and her parents, but we also know that God is a loving and gracious God and believe that He will never leave incomplete a work He has started.

Her very early birth, her chances of survival and the joy of her parents somehow reminded me of the many thousands of little lives that are terminated every year in my country. This saddens be beyond believe because I do believe that from the moment of conception, a life exists.

I know I may tread on many toes with this post, but I do want to speak about one of the most heartrendering "institutions" which has become common place in my country over the last couple of year: Abortion.

I am not talking about those instances where abortion is a decision brought about by danger to the mother's life, or the sanity of the mother, etc. I am not talking about the 12 year old girl that was raped by her father, or the severely retarded girl who becomes pregnant... I am talking about healthy, sane and intelligent women who, when they find themselves pregnant through either choice or negligence, "get rid" of the baby for convenience sake!

I know the popular argument is that a woman has the right to decide about what happens to her body... I agree... but surely she made that decision when she decided to have unprotected sex or decided not to use any preventive measures (contraception is freely available without cost at any State clinic in my country). My question is: What right does the baby have? (Yes I do believe that it is morally a baby right from conception, for if not, who decides just when a fetus becomes a baby spiritually?)

As the law stands at present, a girl of 12 years, may have an abortion without the consent or knowledge of her parents! Who supports this girl emotionally after such a drastic intervention? Or have we come to the point where our morals have become so broken down that an abortion at 12 (or at any age for that matter) does not cause trauma?

I am not only saddened for the babies, but also for the "almost mothers". I know a few who had abortions, and not a single one of them can forget. Every one of them is still traumatised about their decision and questions whether they have made the right decision. Do I only know the weak and sentimental ones, or is this how all women who made this decision experience it?

Once again I do not have the answers. I just pray for those little lives that never get a chance to be, and for those mothers who will never forget! And I pray for those mothers who wanted their babies, but for whatever reason, could not have them.

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Arley said...

I completely agree with you. I am strongly against abortion. I too believe life begins at conception. (I am currently expecting my 6th baby in mid Oct.) In my country, ever since Obama passed the abortion law, more than 50 million babies lost their chance at life. Nothing saddens me more. Thank you for posting this blog!