New Year Storm

Pale light gives way to darkness,
Sodden clouds batter the horizons,
Releasing veils of tears upon the ravaged canvas of New Year’s Day.
Behind windows awash with travelling rivulets,
I watch the fury unleashed in rhythmic heartbeats of destruction.
Wind sirens call to me in hypnotic voice seeking entrance to my thoughts,
Whispering at each washed out pane calling me into their turbulent playground.
Peppered with water buckshot,
I traverse quagmire pathways of once solid lands,
Hiding in in hooded security I seek the fabled land of hope"

A poem by Steve Willis

I have been away from Blogland for so long, I wonder if I will still be remembered,

Well for those who do remember, and read this......

Please go and see this young man's poetry here .  He is new to Blogland so let us give him all the encouragement and help we can.  It is clear to me from just a couple of posts, that he is hugely talented,  Please read and enjoy,

He might even inspire me to return to Blogland myself!

PS: A very blessed 2014 to you all!


Sunday morning musings....

Life is good.....
because God is good!

Sitting here on my stoep on this Sunday morning it just comes to me again.
We tend to be so caught up in our everyday lives of strife and struggle that we completely miss the blessings He pours out on us everyday.  Those everyday miracles that we just take for granted.

The beauty of a wonderful song that lifts your spirit to the high heavens....
The soft touch of a cat nuzzling your cheek to get attention, simply because you are her special human...
The wonder of friends the world over who share your thoughts and feelings no matter how far or long away....

As I sit here early in the morning, listening to the wonderful, gentle music of Pieter Coffee, with the smells and sounds of the Bushveldt enfolding me, all the ugliness and pain of a world gone crazy just fades away, and I am anewly (is there such a word?) convicted of the absolute love and presence of a mighty God whose plans we do not always understand, but who also never makes mistakes.

God is good.....
and therefore
Life is good!


Welcome Damien Luke

5 Hours old and he has already stolen his grandmother's heart
God is good
I know not
why He is.

I just know
I do not
deserve it.

He gives more
than I could
ever ask for.