My big mouth!

Off I went to the licensing office to renew my drivers license! A piece of cake - after all, no exams, no practical tests, just a nuisance that will require some patience! As they say in the classics: "Yea, right!"

Patience I needed, yes. Standing in line to get the necessary form, standing in line to hand in the necessary form, standing in line to have my eyes tested... And this is where my big mouth dropped me flat on my face... I failed my eye test! (So there was a test you see....Grrrr.)

I have an unusual eye condition. It involves the communication between the eye and the brain - much to complicated for me to understand or explain. I wear special spectacles that enables me to see perfectly but the prescribed eye test involves a part where my spectacles just did not help and that is where I failed completely.

So the end result was: I failed the only test there was.

Solution: A quick visit to my optician on Tuesday afternoon, and voila!, I'll get my new drivers license.

Lesson learned: Keep your big mouth shut!

(I have to go for a blood test soon - think I'll pass that?)


Arley said...

Wow, talk about bad luck. My husband has a rare eye disorder as well. He has to wear hard lenses in his eyes. He's legally blind without them, but he would never tell them that.

I do hope it works out for you! I have to take a blood test soon as well, Ilm going to have my 6th baby! Wish me luck, I hate needles.

Jo said...

I'm sure you'll pass your blood test with flying colors -- red, of course. *heh*

Glad to hear you've got your new driver's licence. How did the photo turn out? Mine always looks very grim.

A human kind of human said...

Dear Arley, Thank you for your comment and please give your husband by special regards - only another person with eye problems can understand the frustration that goes with it and good luck for your blood tests AND THE NEW BABY!

Dear Jo, Don't have it yet, must first get a certificate from the optician on Tuesday. As for the photo... best not discussed!

budh.aaah said...

Oh I do hope there's no problem in you getting the driving license. Infact maybe you have it in your hand even as I type this. All the best.

Argent said...

Hope you got your licence OK. I think a driver's licence is one thing I would like to have that my eyesight won't ever let me have. The freedom of the open road and all that... Still, I never have to worry about parking my car, so it's not all bad.

A human kind of human said...

Argent, good for you! Looking at your blog its hard to believe that you have eyesight problems. Yes, I did qualify in the end and is now waiting for it to come - that can take up to 3 months.