Happy Easter.

It has been so long since the last time I have published a post, that I had to figure out how to post.  That is really bad.

About a week ago, I met a quite remarkable person, Randy Tappan, in the strangest way on the internet.  We chatted and found that we had a lot in common.  He sent me a poem that he has written that really impressed me in many ways.  I truly believe he will not mind if I shared it with all of you as a reminder of what Easter is all about.

This, to me, truly is what Easter is all about and I wish all my Blogger friends, and those friends that just casually read here, a very happy Easter.


Arley said...

Welcome back!!! What a beautiful poem. Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

Gaelyn said...

Hello stranger.

A well written poem.

May you enjoy Easter.

(Maybe if you posted a little more often you wouldn't forget how;)

janis said...

Simply lovely!
And Hello???
Where the Heck have you been? I was worried maybe one of those Wart Hogs got you! :)
Love to see you back & you have to catch us up!

leilani said...

its so good to see you! and with such a beautiful post! much Aloha.. I have missed you!

A human kind of human said...

Aaaaaw,now I feel so wanted (biiig smile). I think I will soon start blogging again. Hopefully Life had done slapping me around for a while so it would not all be whining.