Dear Anders Behring Breivik,

Dear Anders Behring Breivik,

Actually that is completely wrong for I cannot find it in myself to call you "dear".  I can call you many other things, but definitely not "dear".

You call yourself a Christian; I call you Evil.  What you have done was certainly not Christ inspired. It makes me incredibly sad when people use the name of the One whom I worship, to justify their deeds in service of the one they worship, who is in fact the total antithesis of the Christ I follow. 

This world already has such a warped idea of what a Christian is, that I have stopped calling myself a Christian.  I much rather call myself a Christ follower, for that is what my relationship with Christ means.  He is my role model, my guide, my comfort, in fact my reason for being on this earth.

Through the years I have come to realise that being a Christ follower has nothing to do with religion; it is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, way of life.  It is a way of life where the follower strives to be Jesus’s representative here on earth; doing what He would have done, speaking how He would have spoken and subjecting all thought processes to His guidance.

Please don’t get me wrong, as a Christ follower I am everything but perfect.  I make mistakes.  I act and say and think and feel like every other human.  The difference is that I know that I am not perfect and only has the right to call Him Master because of His grace… a grace that passes all understanding… and when I make mistakes, I have the wonderful option to confess it to Him (and those who I have harmed through the mistake) and ask for forgiveness and He will forgive me.

However, what you have done cannot simply be called a mistake.  What you have done can only be called an act of evil under the direct inspiration of Satan.  So please do not call yourself a Christian, it just adds to the misguided idea that the world has of Christianity and is an insult to the Christ who gave his life on a cross to set me free from the bondage of your master.

Rather realise who you were serving when you decided to go on your murderous rampage and just maybe then you will be able to turn from him and ask Jesus for His forgiveness, because it is His nature to forgive whoever comes to Him in honesty and truth.

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