Teatime is for the Birds

We are experiencing one of the coldest spells in years here in the Bushveldt.  We have sub-zero degree temperatures at night and the early mornings and evenings are freezingly cold.  Now I know that for many of my Blogger friends, these temperatures are quite mild for winter, but for us here in the Bushveldt of South Africa, it is very unusual. 

Humans can cope with this, as we dress according to the weather, but animals and birds, although well protected by their fur and feathers, cannot add that extra scarve or jacket when it gets unusually cold.

The extremely cold weather also affects their food supply.  It seems that worms and insects stay “indoors” and of course, it being winter, seeds, berries and other vegetation that normally forms part of their daily diet, are in short supply and they have to find food elsewhere.  

These birds quickly learned that my spot among the drains (see this post ) at work, is one of the most pleasant places to be on a cold winters morning.  I am not sure what breed they are, as I am not a birder at all, but I do appreciate them coming to share the warms sun in my little corner.
Mr Bird happily grooming himself in the warm sun.
They are there every morning and at teatime (somewhere around 10 o'clock, work permitting) they become quite raucous.  This is when Johannes Mojela, a co-worker, comes out and feeds them breadcrumbs.  It is so amusing to watch them.  They compete for the biggest crumbs and quite often two become so involved in their argument over a crumb, that they completely miss a third one who gets away with the crumb. 
Ah!... teatime at last.
Mr Oliver Bird:  "Please Sir,....."
"Mine is bigger than yours"
Thanks for the company - and the food - but we have to leave now.


Gaelyn said...

Sorry to hear about you unusual cold weather. Very nice to help out the birds but I recommend not feeding them bread (it can cause bloating) and invest in some bird seed.

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

so amazing!!! this is exactly the kind of stuff i am looking for :)thanks for this

leilani said...

Amazing how animals adapt so quickly! Love the pictures!