Double Trouble?

Just outside my stoep, in between Hubby's workshop and our neighbour's house,
grows a creeper with beautiful big green leaves and vibrant orangy-red flowers.
I have always likes it (even though I do not even know what it is called). 
Then I noticed something at the top of it
- something that did not make sense immediately and of course,
being the Nosy Parker I am, I had to investigate.

Out came the ladder (the rickety old one)
and up I went.  The surprise I found at the top was well worth the effort.

Double Trouble?  No, double joy.


English Rider said...


Gaelyn said...

What a lovely surprise. When does the vine bloom? Soon?

Jo said...

Oh, Anna, that is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...!!!!

Firefly said...

Always a warm fuzzy feeling when you find birds nesting somewhere in the yard.

leilani said...

i should say double joy!! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful treasure to find! Thank you for visiting my blog! Its always lovely to meet someone new!