Robert D. Anger

"The sower laid you
Down in gentle ground
Your sower was the tree

You were bound to be
a weightlifter, yes a weightlifter
to take up the weight that set all free

You were bound to be a tree
to be made into a cross
to carry Jesus Christ, for me."

A simple little poem, written on a scrap of paper, for a Sunday school competition.  I have kept it for more than 15 years and will keep it for more than 15 years longer.  It is special to me.  It brought me my first awareness of a special quality in a special 12 year old boy.  It taught me that there was much more to this 12 year old boy, than what I ever imagined.

This 12 year old boy has grown up and is today a husband and father or two children.  A seven year old daughter and a 4 month old son.  When I look at him now, I marvel at the man he has become and wonder when it happened.  It feels like just last week that he fitted in under my chin for a hug and now I fit in under his arm.

When he was 5 years old, he had a dream of becoming a policeman.  A friend gave him a shirt with "police badges" on it and for the following weeks he wore it every second day.  On the other days it was in the wash.  Now he is that policeman working in a rural part of our country and loving it.

He has another dream, and that is to one day be a writer.  It is not a dream he often talks about but I know it is there.  At present he is still to busy growing and learning and experiencing, to sit down and work at it, but I believe that one day he will.  In the mean time, he has started a blog and I am sometimes surprised at what he writes.  I am surprised at the insight he shows in some of his posts.  I especially enjoy the ones about his work and the people he comes into contact with.

He realised his first dream and I do believe that he will one day realise his second dream also. If you wish, you can read more about Robert D. Anger, or Bobby Danger to his friends, here and if you do, please encourage him to write more often. 


Gaelyn said...

It is so important to follow your dreams. The poem very well written, with true feeling. You should be proud Ann. I'm going to check out his new blog now.

Argent said...

Yes, I heartily agree. This blog has been on my reading list since it started and he does need to wirte more and more and more...

Jo said...

"...to one day be a writer.? He is a writer now...!

I'm going back to read more of his blog now.