Nature's Surprise and JD's Reaction

South Africans, and visitors to our country, has come to expect warm, sunny winter days.  Daytime temperatures usually reach into the high teens (degrees in celsius) and minus degree temperatures are only experienced during the nights and also only in certain regions of the country.

Soccer fans from all over the world came to South Africa with only the minimum winter clothes in their luggage, prepared to enjoy the famous mild South African winter.  Many came with the idea of camping around the country to see and enjoy as much as possible, as economically as possible.

Yet one should never take nature for granted as our present winter weather proves.  The past week has been one of the coldest in many, many years.  This is what locals and soccer fans alike, woke up to in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Southern Cape the past three days.
A very unusual De Doorns farm schene.
 (Leon Potgieter)

Jonkershoek area is usually a camper's paradise, even in winter.
(Mark Wilmot)

Is it jus my imagination or can you also see the cold
 in the Hottentots-Holland Mountain area?
(Hailey Anne Melton)

Even JD has turned bear on us and decided to go into hibernation until the weather returns to normal.

He found this warm spot in the house and on trying to get him to move,
all I got from him was this very sleepy look and a very dismissive mieow...

before returning to his favoured position.
Maybe he just knows how to handle this winter,
and we don't.


JD said...

Oh my word, those photos make my heart long for Africa even more.... beautiful, surprising, amazing!!! Reminds me of Canada :D

I've never seen African scenery quite like the first photo!!!!

I love that your cat and I share a name -- and a reaction to the cold weather -- LOL!

Gaelyn said...

Wow, what a shock for everyone, snow? The cat has the right idea. Stay warm.

Bummer about Bafana bafana's loss.

BTW, love your new header.

A human kind of human said...

Well JD, you know where to find a comfy and welcoming bed if you ever decide to visit my "warm and sunny" country. JD is short for John Deere as his purring resembles the sound a John Deere tractor makes when it is idling.

The last snowy photo was taken above Somerset West and Gordon's Bay - notice any difference from when you were there. I also love my warthog. He is the one who came to visit when we were camping over Christmas.

Kimberly said...

Weird. South African cats look just like North American cats.

leilani said...

wow! you never think of Africa as a place of snow! WOW!!

A human kind of human said...

This is now the third time I am trying to post this comment -GRRRR!

Hi Kimberley, quite a shock hey! Wonder if they react to snow and cold weather in the same way also.

Neither do we, Leilani, neither do we! (lol)

Verdant said...

Wat 'n verrassing! Mooi foto's en oulike kat :).

Tim Bouwer said...

Wow - I heard how cold it was, but snow?

Some friends in Grahamstown were throwing snowballs too - what a surprise!