Diski and Vuvuzelas

The first ever FIFA Soccer World Cup on African soil, starts this weekend and today, at noon, people all over South Africa came out in support of our team, Bafana Bafana.  Bafana is the SeTswana word for a boy and by repeating the word, it translates it into "The Boys".

A street in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa today at noon.
(Photo by Chris Botha)

Now I must admit that I have never been a Soccer enthusiast!  Then again, I have never been an Any Sport enthusiast, but I must admit:  Bafana Bafana has captured my attention and imagination over the last couple of weeks with 12 wins in a row!  WOW!  I am so proud of them, and that, coupled with the general atmosphere of Soccer excitement in the country at present, has at last also fired my own exitement over SWC 2010.
Work came to a halt and everybody poured out into the streets...
(Photo by Charl Scheepers)

Not to be outdone by the people in the cities, we here in the Bushveldt, created our own Diski and Vuvuzela moments today.  The vuvuzela of course, is the twelfth player in the Bafana Bafana team (as introduced to you here) and the Diski is a dance especialy choreographed (by the people for the people) in support of Bafana Bafana.  Here are a few photos to show how we do it here in the Bushveld.

A Bushveldt vuvuzela

The Diski done the Bushveldt way

I was truly a day of sun, fun and Bafana Bafana support. 


Gaelyn said...

I'm sure all the excitement of the cup is contagious. Not particularly a sports fan myself and glad not to be there in the massive crowds. Yet I remember the excitement of watching my soon score during Youth Soccer matches. Enjoy!

Smoke said...

Ah.. I am glad you finally got into the spirit of it. you forgot the makarapa, which is a miners hard hat that has been cut out into different images pertaining to a soccer team. also, Bafana bafana has not won twelve in a row, but has gone undefeated 12 in a row, but who is counting. as for the "bushveld vuvuzela, it is called a "kuduzela" for oviaas reasons(my new favorite word). I unfortunatlity, was driving back from polokwane at 12, so I entered town leaning on my hooter in support. Our streets were packed. I was in Polokwane getting my H1N1 immunisation, as I will be on duty in polokwane, one of the host cities, during the SWC.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh so THAT was what all the noise was for!! LOL!! Not being a sports fan I did not know. :)

Kirsty said...

I can't wait! Go Bafana Bafana!