Quintuplets! Congratulations Matix!

I have never blogged about her before, but I think it is now time to introduce Ms Dog Matix to all my Blogland friends.  She is our four year old, wire-haired Jack Russel terrier.

We wanted her to have a litter of puppies before she is spayed and when she came into heat in September, we decided that she is now old enough to raise a brood of her own and allowed her to mate.  Typically the rebellious teenager, she chose her own mate, a black dachshound belonging to our neighbours, even though we had higher ideals for her.

Last night she presented us with a totally politically correct litter of five puppies.  Three black, and two black and white.  She was so shocked when the first one was born that she ran away and hid in the corner under my bed.  When we reunited her with her firstborn, she clearly did not know what to think of this little squirming bit of dog-life, but once she sniffed him out and gave him a couple of welcome licks, she obviously decided she likes him and would keep him.  Love at second sight!  By the time the second one arrived, her mother instinct had kicked in and it was all plain sailing from then on.

Of course JD found the bussiness of new puppies entering this world rather boring and beneath him, and stretched out for a lo-o-ong snooze.


The happy ending to this story includes five brand new, tiny and too-cute-for-words little creatures who only have one goal in mind at present:  TO DRINK THE CANTEEN DRY!  Poor Matix!

PS:  Oh dear, now to find good homes for all of them. 


Argent said...

Aaaw!! So cute. Best wishes to all.

Gaelyn said...

Lovely Matix. Why not find your own mate, more fun. The puppies are cute of course. I like the black and whites. Don't see a whole lot of dashound there, yet. Have fun with the new additions. And good luck finding them homes.
I currently have a stray kitty that needs a home.

Arley said...

Awwwwww!!! I WANT ONE!!!! Why couldn't you be in the US!!!LOL.

Donna B said...

Congratulations, Grandma! Great blog, I vote for more stories of Matix. Love to hear about everyone's pets. I remember back in the early 70's, my cat had kittens, two male, two female. I named them after a popular movie at the time, Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice.

Dimple said...

Thanks for a good story; it's a good thing God gave mothers the instinct to care for their young!

Terry said...

such a sweet story of motherhood just i.
is jd another kitty that you found?
he is such a handsome cat!
and by the looks of him, a gentle one...love terry

leilani said...

ohhhhh! my goodness! how sweet is that! in a couple weeks everyone including the cat is gonna be exhausted! LOLOL! =0)

A human kind of human said...

Matix thanks everyone for their congratulations and compliments. JD is still not allowed to even take a peep and he is sooo inquisitive. It will be fun to see them grow, but I am not looking forward to placing them in other homes, but I have to... of course I have to.

I have not realised that I have not told JD's story yet. I will have to do a post about him. "Watch this space" (lol)