SA's Got Talent... and Oodles of it!

I do not normally watch much TV.  In fact I watch about 30 minutes a day and that is only because the TV is on while we are having supper.  However, since Monday night I have watched regularly and that also explains my absence from Blogland.

It is South Africa's turn at "???'s Got Talent".  The semi-finals started on Monday night and I must admit, I am amazed at the young talent we have in this country.   Out of the 21 acts in the semis, at least any one of 18 could have won the competition, but only six will participate in the finals tonight.

Eight year old Cleo Philander sings like an angel.  Apart from the magic of her voice she also has the poise and self-confidence that you would expect from a well-seasoned, mature artist on stage.  Add to that her sheer adorability and you have a winner.

George Avakian is a 19 year old beatboxer.  Although it is not a favourite form of entertainment in my book, I have to admit that he oozes talent and he is also extremely popular with the young people.  Did I mention that his good looks alone should gain him a large slice of the young female vote.

Kalon Badenhorst is an absolutely adorable 12 year old dancer.  I do not think he is aware of it (or maybe he is) but his greatest talent is his smile and general charm...   okay, okay, I know, he cannot win on charm, but once you see the incredible way he moves, you will know he is a winner.

Louwtjie Rothman, an 18 year old guitar player, made me forget to breath.  I never realised that a guitar could bring forth such sounds!  Whether he wins tonight or not, he has a great future ahead of him in the music industry.

Louis and Willem van der Merwe are two brothers who sing opera.  The "story" behind their participation is that one of them (I am not sure which one) is taking part in the hope of winning back his ex-girlfriend.  All I can say about that is, forget the ex.  After your performances on this show, there will be so many much in your future, you will not be able to fit her in.

Then there is Darren Rajbal.  What can I say?  He is 19 years old and dances. When I watch him dance, I cannot help but feel that the music becomes him and he becomes the music.  It is simply incredible how he performs.  Need I say he is my favourite?  GO DARREN!  Did I mention that he is totally deaf since birth!  (I know, I do not know how he does it either.)

I am off now to watch the final and will update you later in the evening.

22:33 SA Time:   And the winner is....


and I can go to bed a happy woman.  Congratulations Darren.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I wish I could see some of those people you talk about. Perhaps once they become famous.

TV is my good friend (previous blog subject). I watch at least 6 programs on a regular basis plus vegging out in front of it now and then watching decorating shows or home purchases. (I get to peep at other people's homes.)

I'm impressed by your willpower against the "machine".

A human kind of human said...

Hi Doris, it has nothing to do with willpower... I fall asleep in front of "the machine" (lol).

Whether you will ever see any of them, I do not know. SA artists all big fish in SA's small pond, but it is very difficult for them to get into the international pond, although a few have succeeded. Oh yes, did I mention, Darren won.

greenpanda said...

Wow! (Sounds better than the crap we get in England at any rate.) I much prefer BGT (or equivalent) to something like the X Factor. It's much more interesting. And more entertaining. Well done Darren!

A human kind of human said...

I am not into reality shows at all, but SA's Got Talent really grabbed my interest. You also had some very good acts on BGT but I think the media over there goes overboard and then often spoils the authenticity of the artists. Thank you for visiting and have a good day.

leilani said...

I like watching the search for the talent. You know all the people who show up to see if they can make the show. Some people are sooo funny=0) I wondered where you where! LOL welcome back! LOLOL

家出 said...
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高収入アルバイト said...
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Louis vd Merwe said...

Thanks for watching the show, was wonderful to read that even a non-watcher of TV did, in fact, watch the show. That last night was wonderfully hectic, all that talent around us, knowing millions of people were watching...

Ponds indeed, here's for hoping we do make it ;-)