Bayete Excursion

I played "hookey" today and joined Hubby on a trip to the Bayete Adventure Camp near Modimolle to attend a function for the military pensioners in the area.  Here is a picture story to tell you about it.

Just off the tarred road we came upon this car stuck in the mud.  What the driver was doing so far to the side of the road is beyond me.  Every Bushveldt dweller knows:  When driving on dirt roads, you stay on the tracks, wether in rain or shine.  We managed to pull him out and set him back onto solid ground and we were on our way.

The Bushveldt was beautifully green in the cool, rainy conditions.  I could already feel the peace seeping into my soul through every pore.

 Now how much more peacefull than this can you get?

Just a square meter of God's own garden.

There is just something about reeds and water!

I was once told that the surgical cloths in operating theatres are green because it is so restful on the eye and calming on the mind.  Looking at the lushness of the Bushveldt like this, I can understand the truth of that.

Thank you for joining me on my walk.
Oops, I forgot, the function also went off well.

PS:  For once all the photos are my own.


leilani said...

Beautiful pictures! I think maybe the car off the road was enjoying the peace too much!! LOL.. a blank mind can be wonderful.. unless ur driving! =0)

RNSANE said...

I enjoyed the lovely journey and I bet that car was ever so appreciate that you chanced along!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

How nice to see green in my mostly brown world these days (soon to be white!).

A human kind of human said...

Leilani, I have not thought of it in quite that way. Yes, just maybe he was so looking at all the beauty around him that he forgot where he was going.

RNSANE, he was more embarassed than anything else, and me taking a photo of the situation, did not help. (He,he,he)

Sandy, You do not know how much I would enjoy to see and experience some of that white or those beautiful, vivid fall colours you get.

Gaelyn said...

Everyone should play hooky occassionally. Plus you were able to help someone out along the way. So right about the color green being soothing and your bushveldt is certainly that. Love the scenery. Very nice captures.

A human kind of human said...

Hi Gaelyn, thank you for visiting and joining. I have enjoyed your blog so much. I love the outdoors but do not get nearly enough time to spend outside. You have such an interesting name (the spelling) and I am wondering where it originated. Please let me know if you read this.

karen said...

Hi! Great images of the bushveldt... thanks for visiting my blog - and, to answer your question, we could travel via Naboomspruit but choose rather to go via Lephalale, Modimolle and Bela Bela as my in-laws live in B.B which makes it a great stopover on the way to Pretoria/Jozi.

Terry said...

these lovely pictures sure ARE a rest to the soul!
it looks like you had such a great drive..and so nice of you to help that guy out..
my favourite picture is the bouquet from god's own garden.
such a nice picture and such nice words written under it!...
have a great weekend!

Argent said...

Thanks for sharing your hooky-day with us!