Disgust and Hooligans


1) To excite nausea or loathing in; sicken.
2) To offend the taste or moral sense of; repel.

n. Profound aversion or repugnance excited by something offensive.

Synonyms: These verbs mean to offend the senses or feelings of: a stench that disgusted us; hypocrisy that nauseated me; repelled by your arrogance; brutality that revolts my sensibilities; a fetid odor that sickened the workers.

HOOLIGAN: A ruffian or hoodlum.

Yes, disgust is what I feel about the behaviour of our so-called soldiers as they went on a rampage simply because they could not get their own way. I say "so-called soldiers" because no true soldier would behave in such a dispicably undisciplined manner no matter what their grievances are.

On Wednesday. between one and two thousand soldiers, under the banner of the South African National Defence Force Union (SANDU) and in civilian clothes (thank God for small mercies), went on a rampage when the South African Police Service (SAPS) tried to disperse an illegal march to the Union Building, the seat of government where the President has his office. When they were told that the march is illegal and asked to disperse, they refused and the SAPS used a water canon to try to force them to withdraw. This is when they turned violent. They tried scaling the fence around the Union Building, damaged a number of vehicles and even threw a petrol bomb into one vehicle belonging to the Military police, setting it alight. A number of both soldiers and police were injured in the incident but to me, the worst consequence of their behaviour is the immeasurable damage that has been done to the image and status of fellow soldiers and the Defence Force of my country; in fact, to this country in general.

Oh yes, SANDU is quick to come up with all kinds of excuses and justifications. The poor pay, the actions of the SAPS, the fact that the ruling of the court that the march is illegal came late, etc. They claim that it was a peaceful protest that turned violent because of actions by the police. I ask, who carries a petrol bomb with him to a peaceful protest? I am sorry, no excuse and no justification is acceptable to me in this case! This is not a labour issue, this is insubordination in its worst form!

I have always held our men and women who put on the uniform of the SANDF, in very high regard. I admire the dedication and discipline that they display in serving their country and its people. Fortunately, those hooligans of Wednesday is only are very small portion of our Defence Force and I am glad that I do know a great number of soldiers who are worthy of the uniform they wear and the rank they carry. They are the ones I trust for the safety of our constitution, our government, our property and our lives.

I do hope that the guilty ones will be dealt with in the severest manner and that they will never be allowed to wear the uniform of a soldier again for if they do, it will be an insult to every members of the SANDF who serves this country with discipline, dedication and pride.


Argent said...

So far as I know, we haven't had major outbreaks of bad behaviour like this in our country, but it is, as you rightly say, a disgrace. One can only hope that their senior officers will deal with the offenders appropriately.

PhilipH said...

Disgraceful and despicable might be appropriate. Soldiers are trained to be hard, tough and loyal to their country.

Lobbing petrol bombs at fellow countrymen is traitorous, treasonable even. I can understand your digust by vandals and hooligans like this.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

A feeling of shame at one's own countrymen is often more painful than any other. There are times I want to claim world citizenship and not be tied to my country just because I was born here...

A human kind of human said...

Thank you all for responding. The situation is very worrying to me. Our Constitution is one of the most democratic in the world and unfortunately I have come to realise that it is not such a good thing. The Constitution is 100% based on human rights and I am afraid in 15 short years I have learned from first hand experience that it is NOT a good thing. It has been proven time and again in Africa that too much freedom amongst fairly uneducated third world citizens tends to be more destructive than any good it should be doing. Maybe I should right a post about what is happening in our country. A comment is much to short to show the real picture.

Anonymous said...

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A human kind of human said...

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your comment, but I am sorry that you chose to comment without leaving some kind of link to who you are as I would have enjoyed discussing the matter and explaining my views more clearly. You must understand that I work with soldiers every day and I know how hard their lives are in some cases, yet it was and is their choice to be soldiers and a soldier must be reliable and trustworthy and most of all disciplined in all circumstances. Unfortunately these people chose to insult the very nature of a soldier by the the undisciplined manner in which they conducted themselves and all this while their grievances were already receiving attention.

Anonymous said...

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