Winter Rain the Bushveldt

Rain comes to the Bushveldt in the summer... 
well it is supposed to, but this year the Bushveldt is experiencing rain in June,
the middle of winter.
I woke up this morning to the roll of thunder and on going outside,
I was greeted by a dramatic display of lighting in the clouds to the North.
The Weather Bureau is forecasting rain, very cold weather and even snow
for the next couple of days over most of the country.  
How fortunate that the weekend will comes smack in the middle of this and I can sleep in.
 I am not a winter person at all.
 Oh no, give me the sun and the warmth any day.

By the time I left for work, the rain was gone and on the way to work I managed to grab the sun breaking through.

Not an award winning photo, but I could not resist this one
of the sun through the clouds and farm gate on the way to work.


Gaelyn said...

Very unusual weather, especially snow. I much prefer summer also and sure wish it would come to the canyon.

Firefly said...

We have had so much rain in and around PE the last couple of days that it seems our drought is broken. The dams are filling up and hopefully the water restrictios will be lifted soon.

leilani said...

I hadnt realized u restarted ur blog! I am delighted!