The World in a Screenshot.

For the first time in many, many months, I took a look at my cluster map today, and were shocked out of my cute little socks!  I averaged more visits per month since I put my blog on hold, than I did while writing!  Should I read a message in that?

This is a snip shot of my cluster map.

It seems that I receive visitors from all over the planet, even from places where I did not know places existed.  Little dots in the middle of the ocean and on islands that I have never heard of.  Then there are those exotic names that just have to be investigated further.  Of course this results in me spending many megs (short for megabytes of internet usage) on travelling the world on Google Earth. 

Antigua and Barbuda
                                                       Republic of Moldova
                                                                       Brunei Darussalam, and
Wonderful, mysterious places!

Then there are those places that only a couple of years ago, we would not have had any access to.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
                                                    Estonia, and 

Pure poetry to my ears.

Of course there are my good friends here at home,
          in the United States,
               in the United Kingdom
                    in Europe, and 
                         in Canada without whom my blog would not be worth the signal used to send it.

What I cannot fathom though, is the regular visits my blog receives from Norway and Iceland.  Both such fascinating places.  Whoever over there could possibly be interested in the senseless rantings and ravings of a middle aged human over here in the Bushveldt?  If you read this, please, please, pretty please, leave a comment and release me from the suspense.

My biggest blog surprise however, did not come from my cluster map.  A couple of days ago, one of my favourite people at work walked into my office and asked if I would please print the photos from my Moorddrift and Makapansgat post for him.  "How do you know about my blog?" I asked flabbergasted.  His daughter was busy with an assignment for school and on doing a Google search, they landed on my blog.  "How did you know it was my blog?"  I asked.  They recognised my photo.  What a surprise.  Here I am believing that it was just I and myself who knew about my bloggie!  Now I have a follower from my hometown, and I am pleased as punch!


Jo said...

So good to have you back, Ann. Lovely to have a blogger in your hometown. I only have one from SA and none from Kenya where I presently find myself. The islands Antigua and Aruba ring a bell, but the others are strangers to me. I also love to see where my visits are coming from. Pity people don't always comment, then you would know who they are and where they're from. Anyway, do stay on blogger and continue to write up your posts. I love 'em! (((hugs))) Jo

Jo said...

Sorry typed to fast for my brain. Meant to say: Lovely to have a follower in your hometown!

Jo said...

Well, there ya go...! *heh* Everyone loves you.

I know people don't always comment, and I often don't have time to comment.

And here you have two Jo's in a row. :-)

Kathryn said...

i don't think she follows me, but there are a couple of other blogs in my home town. I've gotten to know a couple of them, a little bit, personally. Fun to run into them occasionally when we are out and about.

Your map of hits is quite impressive.

Gaelyn said...

I am always surprised at how many page views some of my old posts get. But then, we are out there in cyberworld. Hope this inspires you to post some more.

Argent said...

Ya, I also find it intriguing when someone from an unusual place lands on my blog. Sometimes I've had new followers pop up out of nowhere as well. Mind you, I've found new blogs by clicking Next Blog link at the top of the page, it can take you to some great places.

Glad to read you again.

DUTA said...

I'm always fascinated bt visits of bloggers from "not so heard about countries".

My most popular post that seems to attract people from around the globe is a little piece I wrote once on Dracula and his castle in Romania. Go, figure out what interests people anywhere!

uncleandy82 said...

Only one follower in your home town? What about me? Shame on you! lol

A human kind of human said...

Hi everybody and thank you for visiting again. Dear, dear Uncleandy, I am so sorry that I did not mention you, but I try to keep impartial when it comes to family - lol.

janis said...

Love that you are Back! Love from your biggest fan follower in Indiana♥