SO LONG... for now!

There is a time to come,
and a time to go,
but now is the time
to say so long.

I will still visit all my favourite blogs and leave comments when I have one to leave, but I will not be posting at all for a while... how long "a while" will be, only time will tell.

See you on your blogs,
A very Human Anne.


Elise said...

funny how it just works out that way... time's up, time to do something different!
I stopped blogging a year ago, and I miss it, but not enough to start it up again.
wishing you all the best in your life! i've enjoyed the updates

Argent said...

Hope 'a while' won't be too long.

Gaelyn said...

You'll be missed, yet life goes on for all. Hope you'll drop a note once in a while.

Have you heard anything from Joan?

janis said...

Don't leave us! Write write write!
Don't stop blogging.. :(

Jo said...

Ann, I loved your reminescing on life in SA. I DO hope you return in the not to distant future. please visit my blog and let me know where/how you are. Bless you my friend, Jo

leilani said...

I will mniss you... it has been a joy meeting you!

DUTA said...

Pity! you write so well!
But I perfectly understand you.There are things to do in the real world, and it's not easy to keep a blog, there's not enough time for that.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your break and will resume blogging as soon as possible.

RNSANE said...

I want you to know that I really miss your posting! It's been such a long time. Hope you are well and happy.