Sick Leave

I woke up with a pain somewhere in my tummy that drove me to the smallest throne room with exceptional haste.  While sitting on the throne, I am wondering what is going on!  This is not at all like the stomach I live with every day.

On the way back to bed I glance at the clock and see that it is three o'clock in the morning.  "Good", I think to myself, "enough time before the alarm goes off to go back to sleep".  Famous last words thoughts!

By wake up time I have not shut a single eye again.  It has been up and down the passage to spend more time on the throne. By now it is obvious that something has upset my stomach to the degree where it has decided that it has had enough.

The predicament I find myself in now, is that I really do not feel ill enough to stay away from work, yet going to work means at least 30 minutes on a bus through the bush with no toilet facilities on the way... unless you consider a bush along the road as toilet facilities.  So what to do?  Go to work and risk a very embarassing visit to a bush along the way with 59 other people looking on, or staying at home and probably feeling guilty for the rest of the day because I am not really that ill?  Decision made:  I'll face the guilt.

Am I wasting my sick leave and my employer's time and money, or am I justified in staying home?  My employment conditions allow for 2 days sick leave without a medical certificate and I know of people who regularly misuse this condition.  Their argument is that it is "leave" owing to them.  Is it?  When is a person too ill to go to work?

Let me know your thoughts on this one.  It should be interesting to see how people's views on sick leave differ, or concur.


English Rider said...

The other 59 people should thank you for staying home and not exposing them to whatever you have.

A human kind of human said...

LOL! You are right. I never even thought of that.

Gaelyn said...

I believe you made the right choice. I don't take sick leave unless I'm truly sick because it can leave my fellow employees in a bind. But who wants to be at work when sick, or give something to someone else.

Jo said...

By what I've read and know about you via your blog, you're not one take your responsibilities (aka your job) lightly. So enjoy - if you can between the bouts to the thrones - your homestay and go back to work when you are feeling better. Bless you, my friend. (((hugs))) Jo

Argent said...

I have to agree with the others. You should stay home until the problem has gone completely. Nobody will thank you for giving it to them and you know in your own heart that you don't abuse your sick leave entitlement. Get well soon. My hubs has been going through the same thing for over a week now - not fun at all.

Nicole said...

Tummy troubles of this kind are a good reason to stay home! The other people on the bus will be grateful too and I;m sure your fellow co-workers will appreciate not being exposed to illness. I know I would!

Don't feel guilty! Take care of yourself!

Feel better soon!!!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I work for a small company with no sick days! If I don't work, I don't get paid. So, here I am today at work with my broken foot; I took yesterday off.

I think that you should take your sick days when you need them and you definately need yours.

Arley said...

I really do think you made the right decision. You would have been uncomfortable all day. Don't feel guilty.