Dear Mr President - Yours faithfully, BB

BB, a talented fellow blogger on Wordpress wrote this very clever poem, touching on many of the current issues in my country.  The major ones being the senseless slaughter of Rhinos for their horns and the public service strike.  A number of patients have died due to medical personnel striking and in education the situation has become so serious that many schools have closed down in many areas.  Enough of me now, I will let BB tell the story, she does it so much better than I could ever hope to.

Dear Mr President,
My Reason For This Sad Lament
Is Yet Another Incident
Of Cruel And Murderous Intent
While Blood Of Victims Innocent
Drowns Rainbow Hopes In Crimson Taint

And Leaves Our Nation Impotent
To Be The Best This Continent
Proudly Chose To Represent:
“Ma’ Africa’s Supreme Descent”.
~ ~ ~
But Still Mr President
Though I Aim To Remain Confident
Regrettably I’m Hesitant
When It’s Pitifully Evident
That Too Often An Inhabitant
Learns To Be Disobedient
Blames Someone Else Incompetent
Or Deems It Quite Convenient
To Prove That Being Deficient
Is Rationale Sufficient -

To Steal Or Rape Or To Torment
Without A Morsel Of Repent
When Striking For A Dividend
When Healing Hands Turn Militant
When Teaching’s Main Ingredient
Is : ‘How To Shame Your Government’
When Dread Transmits A Deathening Scent
And Neither Beast Nor Man Can Vent
Their Fear That Life In This Fine Land
Is Worth Less Than A Hard-Earned Rand

Now SOMEONE Has To Comprehend
That ‘Freedom’ Is A Free Event
That Life For Each Is Heaven-Sent
And Death Is Merely Life’s Contempt
That Seemingly Staying Tolerant
Does Not Wash Blood Off Your Own Hand
~ ~ ~
Will You Be The First, Mr President?
To Make An End To This Sad Impend
For Death Kept Unvoiced Silent
Is Death Endured Twice Violent

To read more of her talented and clever writing, you can visit her over here on Wordpress.  The photos are also hers.


Jo said...

Hi Ann;) thanks for sharing this. Is BB sending this to higher office? I hope so...Would be good to challenge Jakes. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, Shadow is a sweetie and will be part of a seven cats and three dogs when we take him home. Sad you lost your cat. Did he die or was he actually lost? One of my young female cats back home in Marquard, disappeared in the winter. No one knows where to and especially WHY? Have a blessed day,my friend. Greetings from Jo (Khartoum)

BB said...

Oops!! typed loooong comment... 'lost it' somehow. hmmm - sometimes words are not enough, right? and then again, my letter says it all. Thanks Ann'tjie for your post!

Gaelyn said...

Your plight is so very sad, yet this excellent poem is so very poignant. Wonderfully written BB.

Argent said...

It would be nice to tink that someone in a position of power could hear these words and do something.

Jo said...

Does it sometimes seem that your beautiful country is going backwards at times? It breaks my heart to read that poem. Will anyone listen?