In the Bush

The street address of my workplace is: "In The Bush!"  The office block where I work is surrounded by 4,000 hectares of Nature Reserve.  When you look out of the window of any office, what you see is bush, veldt and far off horizons... not so with my office.  When I look out my window, this is what I see.


This means that I have to, every now and then, go outside to just remind myself of the beauty surrounding me.  Yesterday I did this, and this is the picture that greeted me (while standing in amongst all the drains).


Typical winter lawns, another drain, "Karee" trees, and dry Bushveldt in the background.  This picture, with the blue sky as backdrop and washed in glorius sunlight, reminded me why I love my pinpoint on Planet Earth.  I could not resist this photo of the sun through the green leaves against the blue sky.

We are in midwinter, but the Bushveldt never gives up.  Grow, it will grow, as this tiny bit of new life on an old branch proves.

On the way back inside, I had to pass the hated drains again.
Hey wait!  What is that?  Those little yellow spots next to the hated drain?

Growing right there at the edge of the hated drain... beautiful.

Moral of the story?  In the Bushveldt, even drains produce beauty!


Gaelyn said...

Think I'd ask for a different office with a view better than the "hated" drain. Yet even it brought some color into your life.

Kirsty said...

You are soooooooo lucky!

Jo said...

You live in the most beautiful country




And right now you are the centre of the world -- Germany and Spain. :-)

Argent said...

We have nothing like that here - just a budy urban railway station to look at.

mariki said...

Lekker om te kom "terug" kuier en jou te leer ken!

En toe blom die "drein." Wonderlik dat jy dit raakgesien en waardeer het! (Mag ons ook in ons minder mooi ooblikke nie NET lelik wees nie.)

Hoe geseënd om te mag uitstap in die Bosveldnatuur -- van die kosbaarste plekke op aarde....