Time slips by unnoticed... continued

Yes, something has changed.  The flowers in the wheelbarrow is gone.  Proof that Summer 2009/2010 is over.  It feels like just last week when I showed you here how the busy bees were pollenating the Lychee blossoms.   

Now the Lychees have come and gone and so has Summer.
These beautiful orange blossoms on my one and only orange tree, turned into these little oranges...
and produced these unusual but delicious oranges.
Fun times were had with family and friends during sunny days...
and warm evenings.
The Bushveldt blessed us with much rain...

and beautiful, lush scenery.
Now it is over until the cycle will start all over next Spring.
Yet, this simple but beautiful little scene still meets my eye every time I look up from my laptop
 and gaze out my backdoor.
Not even Autumn or Winter gets the Bushveldt down.

PS:  You can read more about our winters here.


Gaelyn said...

Looks like a fun and productive summer. Those are weird looking oranges. Joan introduced me to leeches and they are delish.
I like your attitude about spring coming again. Maybe I'll see you then.

janis said...

It amazes me that we have different seasons. I of course always knew that different parts of the world have our seasons at different times, but friending you as well as others that actually live half way around the world, allow me to have a window into your lives and puts me more in tune with it all. Our Spring has arrived, and Summer will soon be here in America. My little Indiana is blooming into color and fragrance. Coats are finally going into the closets, and some our braving shorts already. Ahh warmer weather! :)
ps... I LOVE your oranges! Made me go..."Oh!". Looks like a cross between an orange & grapefruit/

Jo said...

Oh how I miss our South African summer. I had a month of beauty back in SA during March/April. It was refreshing. Back in North Africa and its' SUMMER here with a vengence. Your oranges look divine!

A human kind of human said...

Gaelyn, it is supposed to be a Cara Cara Navel tree, but I think it gets a bit confused sometimes... not that I blame it, having to live with this particular family.

One of the things that I love about blogging Janis. Learning how people live and experience in other far off countries - sort of bring that country to my doorstep. I hope you will have a lovely summer over there.

Hi Jo, strange to think we are on the same continent, yet in different seasons. The world is a wonderful place, don't you think.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What a lovely post!! Yes, the sun is fast moving over to the north and is now coming in my office window. I wait for the day when it does not do that anymore as it is my marker that summer is back again.