Helloo... anybody there?

Just wondering if you are all still out there!  I am here, but only just -lol.  I feel as if I've spent the past two weeks of my live on a rollercoaster

Up, up, up

and then




followed by a


but at last the ride is over and it is weekend.  WOW!

Let us start with the NEW BOSS.  Talk about ADHD!... and he has exercised it for 45 years so he is an expert at it... and although he leaves me exhausted at the end of every day, I love it!  I have always enjoyed  a challenge and for the first time in many years, I am once again challenged every day, just to keep up with him.

Up till now we have always had a white Officer Commanding but our new OC is a black man with many years experience and suddenly our people cannot cry "racism" whenever they are not happy with the OC's decisions or actions and the difference is already showing after only two weeks.  I know it is early days yet, but I am hoping that he will continue in the way he started... and please do not get the wrong impression, he is very strict in such an easy, amiable way that people do not seem to mind.  Now I just have to find the energy to keep up with my new ADHD boss.

Then there is the political chaos going on in our country at present.  On the one hand you have the very angry rightwing AWB supporters who are ready to take up arms against the black man in support of their leader who was murdered last Saturday and on the other hand you have the very revolutionary leftwing ANCYL supporters who are ready to take up arms against the white man in support of their leader who is currently on a mission to break down all the good that has been achieved towards nation building over the past 15 years.  The really scary bit in this situation is the fact that the government does not seem willing to take action against either of the two groups to defuse the situation. 

Somebody should tell these two what Ghandi said:  An eye for an eye makes everybody blind".

The URTI that I had last weekend turned into full-blown Bronchitis and thank goodness for antibiotics and cough syrup!  At last I can breathe again and after much practice my cough is much better.  In short, I am at last on my way to health again.

Joshua is now two months old, is 61cm tall and has almost doubled his birth weight.  What a delight he is.  Spending time playing with, and loving him, balances out all the bad of the past two weeks.  Isn't he just a perfect Angel?
I think I will spend part of my weekend just snoozing... maybe then I will have the strength and energy to face my ADHD kid at work on Monday!


Gaelyn said...

Sure glad you're finding the new job challenging, and you can deal with the ADHD. Also glad to hear you're beginning to feel better. Too much stress always causes my bronchitis.
Joshua is so glorious, his smile shines. Isn't Love Grand?!

Susan said...

There's a lovely little book called Who Moved the Cheese, which illustrates how differently we all react to change...sounds like some of your colleagues might benefit from reading it! Your grandchild is beautiful!

janis said...

Im here...hanging on to my own little Roller Coaster as well. Drama drama blah blah. Just too overwhelmed and tired to blog lately.
Intersting post, good luck with the new Boss. I pray it will be a wonderful adventure.
Joshua is a handsome little dickens! Cutie Patootie!
Love to you my Dear Blogger Friend!
Have a lovely weekend.

DUTA said...

A new boss is called in our place a new broom. Wish you Good Luck with him!
I can understand you being scarred by the political mess in your country. One fact is for sure, you're on your own. The government won't take any action and the international community won't raise a finger. May God be with you! God is all that matters.
In the meantime, enjoy your cute little grandson!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

How great that the new OC turned out to be great. We could all do with nice bosses.

Pleased to hear you are feeling better. This time of year one has to be careful as the weather alternates so.

Nicole said...

Love your grandson! Cutie!
It was great that you are enjoying your job again. That is so important.

So pleased to see you again!

Argent said...

I'm still here too! Good news (I think!) about your new boss and a crying shame what's going on in SA right now. Let's hope calm and wisdom prevail in the end.

leilani said...

Love this!!!!