My Life at the Moment

Life is good
Life is hectic
Life is expectation
Life is exciting

Last year in March I wrote a post (here) about this special person in my life and once again she has given me reason to post about her.  I am very proud of her as she has once again proven that she is a survivor par exellance.  She heard yesterday that she passed her Events Management course.  This in spite of her being dislexic, her doing the course in English (her second language), her doing it through correspondence with no student councillor ever being available and her doing a theology course at the same time.  She has once again proven that she can survive anything life throws her way.  Well done Girl!

Hubby turns 66 on Saturday and our very good friends (of 20 years) is coming to visit for the weekend.  We have not seen them for ages and are very happy to have them for the weekend.  We are having a little get-together to celebrate the birthday boy on Saturday night and all the preparations must be made without upsetting the normal daily doings.  On Saturday morning we have a Gideons function that must be arranged and attended.  The books of our Body Corporate must be prepared for the auditor and the registration for my new maid must be done at the Department of Labour.  With all this happening this week, it is a busy, busy, busy week.

My long-awaited, brand new grandchild must make his entrance into his grandma's arms this world any day now.  He already weighs 3,5 kgs and his mother wholeheartedly agrees with me that it is time.  We are all holding thumbs for a special present for his grandpa on Saturday (lol). 

Gaelyn, from geogypsy is arriving in SA on 3 March and if all goes well and according to plan, I will meet her while she is here.  This is so exciting as I love her blog and I am really looking forward to getting to know her face to face.

So there you have it.  My life at present, in a nutshell.  So if I am somewhat absent from Blogland over the next couple of days (as if I blog daily) please understand. Sooner or later (probably later) I will have time again to sit down and write a proper post... promise.  


Gaelyn said...

Life Is Good! You have so much to be thankful for, a new grandchild, family and a birthday celebration. I too look forward to meeting you in person. Celebrate Life to the Fullest!!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Loved the anniversay story Anne!! LOL!!

You have a lovely site with some interesting things on it.

Kirsty said...

Hope all goes well with the grandchild!