A while ago Justin of Viewtiful Justin (http://justin-difazzio.blogspot.com/) a poem about his favourite wine buddy, his Mother.  In my comment on his post, I told him about the many happy moments my own family have spent arount a bottle (or two, or three) of our favourite wine, Four Cousins.

This evening, when I opened my mail, I nearly had a combined heart attack and major stroke caused by sheer exitement when I saw this E-mail.

Can you believe it?
They contacted me personally, WOW!
Thank you Cousins, you are the best
and so is the wine you make!

Please if anybody from Van Loveren reads this, I am not writing it to get my hands on another bottle of wine, but if you want to send one of the cousins, you are welcome, in fact all four are welcome whenever they visit the Limpopo - lol) 


RNSANE said...

That is, indeed, wonderful. I, too, am a lover of wine. In fact, once I told my doctor, "Do not ever tell me to stop drinking wine because I will never do it." She replied, "Good, then, I won't. It's always helps to know my limitations."

Gaelyn said...

Very cool. Maybe one, or all, of them will deliver in person. Enjoy your wine.

Terry said...

oh oh oh just i...how amazing!
i think i would have cried!
wouldn't you settle for an autographed picture of each gorgeous cousin?
this was so nice that they wrote to you personally!....love terry

ps..i like pepsi better but that's beside the point..hahahaha

berry said...

Are we still discussing the wine or is it the awesome foursome?...anyway I am a social drinker "ok most of the time" and purchased the Van Loveren Merlot cause I want to win the car and take the "neefies" on a date

A human kind of human said...

Hi Berry, thanks for your comment, I really enjoyed it. On my stoep both the wines and the awesome foursome are favourites. When Van Loveren sent my my complementary bottle of sparkling wine, I did ask them if I could not rather have the "nefies" but, alas, I had to settle for a bottle signed personally by all four nefies.