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Blogland has been so interesting over the last couple of days.  First I delete my template trying to upload a Revolver Map onto my blog.  Then I manage to create a new header for my blog - all by myself (I actually feel quite stupid now as in the end it was quite easy, but then again there is no such thing as easy if you have never done it before).

The next exciting thing that happened was that Katherine Poll from Digeus Software (http://www.digeus.com) invited me to write a review on their SnapIt program.  I am not sure whether she has ever read any of my posts as I cannot imagine why she would want someone born before 1970 to write a review on any computer software (lol).

The next, and most exciting thing, is definitely my Revolver Map.  OMG!  I have 25 followers (24 up to last night + 1 new one tonight - Yippeeee) so I expected to see maybe ten or twelve little yellow dots (looks like stars to me - remember the gold stars for excellent work in primary school?) on my map.  Well this is what I saw:

(Compliments of SnapIt screenshot software)

There were little stars all over the world!  Look, this one over Vancouver must be Jo, and this one, somewhere in the centre of England could be Argent. The one over Israel is probably Duta, and the one over Nova Scotia..... but the Middle East?... the Horn of Africa, and what about those over the Middle East and the islands East of The East?  There are little stars blinkiing in places where I didn't know there were places!  Are the people over at Revolver Maps doing this to make me feel good, or is this really true?  Have all these people visited my blog?  In the classic words of every second teenager:  "HOW COOL!"

Okay, okay, I know.  Most hits were probably by accident, but so what?  They still visited the blog of boring, insignificant me here in the back of beyond called Naboomspruit.  WOW! You say I'm raving?  Of course I am.  Naboomspruit is never even mentioned in the national newspapers and here we are splashed all over the globe!

Seriously, this was such a surprise.  I hope that at least a couple of them read my posts (or some of them) and that they found some kind of joy or enjoyment in them. 

This also makes me very nervous though.  I do hope I am portraying a positive image of my country and people - even though I occasionally complain and rant.  I just wish they would leave some comment so that I know where and how to thank them for their visits.  Oh well, maybe they will in the future, but in the meantime:



Dimple said...

Well Human, I see two of your stars are sparkling right now, and I think the one in the middle of the US is me. Not that I'm quite in the middle of the US, but it's the closest. I have been lurking here from time to time, and I enjoy your blog. I hope you have forgiven me for my blundering writing a while ago.

A human kind of human said...

Hi Dimple, what is there to forgive, rather you must forgive me for jumping in and swimming in your pond. English is not my first language so I sometimes express myself in a way that is not exactly what I mean, I tend to come over too strong, so please accept my shortcomings in this regard.

I really enjoy your blog and I believe there is a lot I can learn from you, however, I do not seem to get to commenting on it at the moment, but be sure, I visit often. If you see a "star" blinking towards the north of South Africa on your map, that is me.

Lisa said...

I love your blog. Even though I don't comment often, I visit it frequently. Your pictures are great and your humble honesty is inspiring. My little star is over North Carolina - middle of the eastern coast of the US.

PhilipH said...

The new blog layout is just right, for me anyway!

It has a great kitty header and is clear and uncluttered. Yes I have to congratulate you. I would say your accidental deletion of your former template was a 'happy accident'.

RNSANE said...

I chanced on your blog, somehow, and find it wonderful. I am in the San Francisco area so I will be a dot on the west coast of the U. S. if I understand your software correctly and, at 65, I'm new to the blogging world and not the most computer literate senior citizen.

Just returned from celebrating my birthday in Rome, then six weeks cruising in the Med, followed by four days in Barcelona....shouldn't have done it because I'm a pauper since retirement and loss of my 21 year forensic nursing position in massive budget cuts to the San Francisco Dept of Public Health. Now I'll eat beans for the rest of my days!

Lori ann said...

Hello! i am coming over from just breath janis. I love what you had to say about portraying your country, i think thats an important thing to keep in mind. I 've only just now read this post, but i think you are doing a wonderful job! where is Naboomspruit?
oh, my little star will be on the central coast of California!
take good care,

A human kind of human said...

Welcome RNSane, I love your name if I understand it correctly, "RN" being Registered Nurse??

So what about eating beans? YOU"VE BEEN TO ROME AND BARCELONA (Capitals meaning that I am screaming). Just include South Africa next time and I will feed you on Boerewors and Biltong.

A human kind of human said...

Hi Lori ann, Welcome and thanks for visiting. Naboomspruit is in the Limpopo Province, the northernmost province in SA. It is a small town about 160 kilometres north of Pretoria.

What I portray about my country is important to me as I am aware of all the negative information that people "oversees" are fed about us, but that is what the media does and there is not much I can do about it. "Negative is sensational" seems to be their motto.

Lori ann said...

Thank you, i feel the same way. This is what i love about blogging, we have so much more in common than not and I believe there is so much more good in the world than the media will lead us to believe.

I've been to your country a couple times, and to the Limpopo Province, it is very beautiful, we love S.A., the country and the people.

A human kind of human said...

Lori Ann, It is so exciting to hear that you have visited SA and even Limpopo. Next time alert me in time and I will treat you on some genuine "Boere" fare. I'm thinking Bobotie with Mrs Balls Chutney and fresh Fruit Salad with Ola Vanilla Ice Cream. A bottle or two of Nederburg Late Harvest and a sip of Amarula to round it off. Or would you prefer the traditional, but boring, "Braai" with "Pap and Sheba". I promise, I'll stay away from the Mopani worms!