Only a few posts ago, I was so proud and happy about the Massey header for my blog, now I feel tears threatening to spill over everytime I open my blog and I see his cheeky little face peeking out at me from his carpet tunnel.

A tiny bundle of fuzzy felinity on his first night with us.
Massey has been missing since Saturday afternoon and I had no idea how his absence would affect me.  I am not a sentimental person.  I do not cry easily.  I have very good control over my emotions.  I know Massey is only an animal.  Yet, I find that I dare not think about him, or picture him in any one of his many stages or poses, because if I do, my eyes fill with tears.

Growing up beautifully
I do not know where he is.  I do not even know if he is still alive.  I simply do not know.

The African Wild Cat strain in him is extremely strong and it is their way to wander.  In the wild their territory would stretch over a distance of up to 27 kilometres.  If they find a female to mate with, they will follow her and remain with her until the kittens are weaned in order to protect her, their offspring and their territory.  Of course, he could have found a female on one of his wanderings and could return in a couple of weeks time.  This is the scenario I prefer to believe.

On the other hand, some of the two legged animals living in our neighbourhood, obviously feel threatened by any other animal (due to their mentality being lower than that of most other animals) and are just plain mean and cruel when it comes to other people's pets. If he had wandered onto their territory, they would not think twice before doing him harm.  I choose to not believe in this scenario.

The Editor

Call it denial if you wish, (it probably is) but I will go on believing that he has found a mate and will return once he has done his fatherly duties.  In the meantime I will miss my feline shadow.  I will miss being headbutted for attention.  I will miss his deepthroated conversations.  I will miss his firm insistence on sleeping on the exact spot where I want to place my feet.  I will miss him proofreading every word I type on my laptop.  I will miss him watching me when I bath.  I will miss him sitting on top of the fridge watching me while I am cooking.  I will miss him waiting for me in the afternoons when I come home from work. I will miss him....

Old enough to play poker.


Argent said...

My own eyes are filling with tears. Our own little Jakey has gone missing twice now and caused no end of heartache. We've been fortunate and got him back. I hope with all my heart that Massey comes home to you. My thoughts are with you.

RNSANE said...

I am praying that your beloved feline companion is, indeed, out insuring the survival of the species and will return home soon to assert his rightful place in your household. Because I am a renter, we haven't been able to have a pet in years but I remember how much we loved our last gentle red Doberman, "Dixie," She was a true member of the family as I'm sure your precious kitty is.

Arley said...

I do hope you find your kitty! I know as much as my cat drives me crazy, if anything happened to him, the kids and I would be crushed. I would choose to believe he has found a lady kitty friend right along with you!!! keep your chin up and hope!!!!

English Rider said...

I hope Massey comes home to you soon.

Terry said...

dear human kind...i am praying that massey will come back..he is not only an animal...he has become part of your family.
i never even met the guy but my heart is hurting for both him and you.
i hope that he will leave his girlfriend and come home to you where he belongs!
don't give up hope my new friend!
love terry

ps massey is god's own creature.

PhilipH said...

A sad situation. I know how you feel.

Our lovely young cat, Candy, could not be found one Saturday evening in November 1972. Searched high and low in the back garden. No sign of her.

Went out into the road to call on neighbours to see if they might have accidentally locked Candy in a shed or garage; it happens, cats are inquisitive beings. As I closed the front gate I heard this faint mewing.

Traced the sound and found Candy, in the gutter. She could not move.

Gently carried her indoors. Laid her on a blanket in front of the warm coal fire. She gazed at me as I lightly stroked a finger on her head. She purred. Even though she was so obviously injured she was purring. I felt sick; the tears were blurring my vision.

Carefully carried her to my car, still on the blanket. Drove from Norbury, south west London, along the high streets through to Croydon and beyond, searching for a vet that might be open still. But at 10 p.m. on a November Saturday night what hope was there?

As I drove slowly through South Croydon into Purley lo and behold! A light was shining in the window of a vet's office.

Rapped on the glass door. The lady vet answered and waved aside my apologies for the lateness and I took Candy into the office.

The vet examined Candy. It was hopeless she said. Her back was broken and nothing could be done for her. Possibly hit by a motor bike or even a car. Candy needed to be released from this terrible pain she must be suffering.

I said goodbye to beautiful little Candy, thanked the lady vet and left a donation. Drove home in a miserable state of mind.

Just a cat. But a much loved creature who gave us so much pleasure from a kitten to her young life and tragic death.

I do so hope you find your kitty. I think I do know how you feel...

A human kind of human said...

Thank you all for understanding how I feel about Massey and hey, Phillip, my eyes blurred with tears reading about Candy. I have had and lost many pets in my life, but none of them were ever as special as Massey, but I truly believe he has found a mate as we live very close to the bush, and if he did, I would not mind if he chooses to return to the wild where he belongs. Of course, I realise there could be other reasons for him not coming home, but I will not dwell on them just yet.

leilani said...

Oh, i so know how you feel! Oh my! There is not a day goes by i dont think about my yeller. Its the NOT knowning WHAT happened to them that is the worst! They are pure love are they not. Hang in there, either which way your life became fuller beacuse Massey was in it!

felisol said...

My bestest Terry sent me over, because she knows we've has some good and some very sad experiences with our cats.
Indeed, I here and now will pray that your dear Massey will return safely and unharmed, though maybe a bit exhausted.
Now I'll be awaiting for the good news.
Our Lord says that not even a sparrow is falling to earth without our heavenly father knowing it.
I pray that he'll lead Massey in the right direction.
( You might try to help our Father by driving around, placing dots of Massey's favorite food on your way back home.
All the best from Felisol

Terry said...

guess what human kind?
tonight was our prayer meeting and guess who i was praying for?
of course!..massey!
what a perfect example felisol gave...a little sparrow and god takes note of it.
god bless you dear one...love terry

Nicole said...

My eyes are full of tears reading about your cat and everyone else's pets. I have faith that Massey will return to you after a little fun is had.

JD said...

((((((( hugs from the heart )))))))