"Concept" = Something formed in the mind!

Zella is my granddaughter and I love her dearly, BUT, what do I do with her when she presents me with this?
She has beautiful fine, straight hair and there was just no way to get it unraveled. We ended up breaking the teeth out of the comb to get it out.
With her visiting there is just never a dull moment. She is only seven but in a conversation with her this past weekend on whether she still believes in Father Christmas, she said yes, but that her mother told her that he does not exist. When asked why she then still believes in him she informed us that her mother does not understand the concept of Father Christmas! Does she understand the word "concept" at age seven?
We are taking her home tomorrow and tonight she came to show me two cards for her mother. The first one was from her and inside she wrote "Mamma is die beste" (Momma is the best) but in the second one she only made some scribbles. When I asked her why, she explained that the second one is from her brother (4 years old) and he cannot yet write! (Maybe she does understand the word "concept".)
She has had many upheavals in her short life this far. She has moved house so many times that even I have trouble keeping up. She has lived in 8 different towns or cities and has been exposed to both drug abuse and domestic violence. Yet she is a happy, very well-mannered and obedient child. Her mother, in spite of some very bad choices she made, is an excellent mother to both her and her half-brother. I can only pray and trust that the Lord will be active in their lives and bring stability to all three of them sometime in the future... and in the meantime, protect them from all harm.


JD said...

Wow, she sure did a great job getting that hair pretty to stay in!! :o) I'm glad you were able to get it out for her.

She sounds like a very determined, strong, resilient and sweet young lady. Reminds me of my Jillian. I will pray for peace in her home life, God willing, and for her to continue to grow beautifully in face of such challenges no matter what.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I remember the days........

She's lovely; how nice to be a grandma!

leilani said...

oh my goodness! LOL.. im afraid thats what my hair looks like all the time, only its a mask and snorkel suck in it =0) Through it all it sounds like she is very lucky she has you !

Argent said...

I'm lagging behind on my reading (again!). Hope all goes well for your daughter's household. Zella sounds like a real treasure.

A human kind of human said...

Quick explanation: Zella is my son's daughter but he and her mother never married. He was only twenty and her mother 18 when she was born. A lot of very muddy water has gone under the bridge since and he is now married to someone else and they are expecting their first child in February. Her mother was married and has a little boy from that marriage but it ended after two years (drug abuse). She lived with another man for the past year. This relationship ended in domestic violence and they are now loving with the other grandmother for the past month.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

She seems really precocious! I love that.

PhilipH said...

This is a sad, yet at the same time uplifting, post. Zella, (an unusual and pretty name)is about the same age as my granddaughter Ellie, (Eloise).

Ellie constantly surprises us with her comments and vocabulary. She can understand so much more than any of us appreciate.

My opinion is that young children from age 2 upwards are all ears! We may think they are absorbed in some toy or something when we are chatting but no! I think they hear every single word. They take in so much visual and aural information going on around them, all the time, that if they continued like this they would all be super-human by age 15!

Zella sounds a strong young girl, and with a blossoming intellect. I do wish her, her brother and mother all the very best and that life becomes more settled in future.