I'm sitting here at the end of our first rainy day this season. Everything is so clean and green and the air smells just wonderful... the Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow shrub is giving thanks and celebrating by filling the garden with it's gorgeous scent.

Tomorrow I am spending the day in Polokwane with Joe. I love to go shopping with my daughters and both of us are getting new mobile (cell) phones tomorrow and if I am lucky, I am also getting a new camera... feels a bit like I used to feel on Christmas Eve when I was a child.

The other wonderful thing about getting a new phone is that when you upgrade your contract at this particular shop, you get a rather large gift voucher to spend in the shop and I love spending money, particularly other people's money. Buying the camera will cost about a third of my voucher, so I will have two thirds of it left to spend on whatever takes my fancy. I need to upgrade my internet security program so I will be spending some of it on that and then I think I just might treat myself to some luxurious and utterly unecessary, bath treats. Any vouchers I have left I will just keep untill I buy Christmas presents.

Oh, I can't wait, so I am off to a nice bath and early bed now, so tomorrow can come quickly.


PhilipH said...

We look forward to seeing some of your new photographs when you get your new camera.

Enjoy the shopping!

DUTA said...

Enjoy your new cellphones and camera!

Argent said...

Have a lovely weekend - and don't forget to take pics. I especially want to see the Yesterday, today and tomorrow shrub as I've never heard of that.