Update on my life

Life moves along so quickly that I sometimes feel I can't keep up, so I have decided to every now and then blog about my life just to make sure I keep track of all that is happening.

Work is hectic! My boss is retiring at the end of July and we are busy compiling his handing and taking over documentation. For a military unit the size of ours, this is quite a bit of hard slog. He also decided that he wants me on the committee arranging his Change of Command parade and I am responsible for the protocol and admin surrounding the parade as well as the unit's farewell function a week later. Just to top it all off, our dear General requested that he prepare a preliminary strategic plan and budget to assist the new OC (who has not been identified or appointed yet). So yes, I come home at night to get a chance to breath.

Kids are well and busy (thank you God, I know how blessed I am) but there is still no grandchild on the way, so maybe, at least one of them is not busy enough! They will all be home next week-end for Father's Day. I will let you all know how that went if I survive the happy chaos that happens on such weekends.

A while back I posted on me getting a new drivers lisence. Well it came at last and now I am legal on the road again. At the risk of scaring you all to death with the photo of Daisy de Melcker (the most infamous female murderer in the history of SA), here it is!

We are off to Pretoria this weekend to see some friends, attend a Gideons conference (only Hubby) and to do some shopping for winter clothes (Uuugh!). At least Liza will go with for the shopping bit and that should smooth over a few of the hurdles of fitting my dear little body into something acceptable and comfortable. (Wonder what the standing of her credit is, maybe I could move some articles over to her account.... yeah right!)

My absolute favourite restaurant was burned to nothing. I am really sad about this as I know the owner well and that makes it even worse (experiencing the loss with her).

Hubby never received his pension pay out this month and was informed that it will only be available by next Tuesday - the efficiency of our people nowadays are.... sorry, I do not know a word to describe it! So, before we can go, I must visit the bank to make some arrangements. (I hate it when this happens because I live and spend according to a strict budget and when other people mess up and leaves me in this position, I get really angry!)

So there it is, a few things that happened this week. No I am off to the bank and then to Pretoria to see my best friend and do some shopping.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

Oh, sorry about your favorite restaurant buring down. That's so sad!

DUTA said...

Congraulations for the new driving licence. Drive carefully!

jfrancis said...

We grow old forcefully
with the hope
today is kinder
than yesterday.

A human kind of human said...

Yes Justin, we will miss it for a long time. I do not think it will be retored because of many reasons and maybe I will be able to tell you the reasons in a later post. Arson is suspected so an investigation is going on, but I really cannot talk about it yet.

Thanks Duta, I always do, the problem is the other drivers do not always do, but I am praying for them (tongue in cheek).

Your little poem is so right! jfrancis. But I prefer one of Jozeygirl's favourite quotes: "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional".

Lisa said...

Did you get your shopping done? I hope you got lots of nice things and had a wonderful weekend! I don't like shopping either....

A human kind of human said...

Hi Lisa, yes I did get nice soft and comfy flat shoes for work and of course, I was planning on getting slacks for work and ended up with another pair of jeans. What can I say, I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl.