Viewtiful Justin's Meme

Viewtiful Justin recently became a follower of my blog and tagged me to do the following meme. I was so excited to have him on my follower list that I immediately decided to do it.

The rules are as follows: Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention and add one more question of your own. Tag five other un-tagged people.

OK Justin, here goes!

What is your current obsession?

I am much too lazy to obsess about anything... just joking! I do not think I have any obsessions as such. Of course, I am more interested and involved in certain thing than in others, but I do not waste time and energy on obsessing. (I have a history of semi-obsessive behaviour and it took me years to get out of it.)

What are you wearing now?

I am actually not wearing jeans as I normally do. I am wearing a skirt and matching top and jacket and even more unusual, I am wearing high-heeled shoes and stockings!

Do you nap a lot?

Not nearly enough! I would love to take a nap everyday around lunch time, but there are simply not enough hours in a day to fit in all these naps.

What would you like to learn to do?

I would love to learn to paint and to play a musical instrument. Sadly, though, for both these things you need talent, which I am very short on. "sigh"

What's for dinner?

I have no idea! My husband, my daughter and I take turns to cook and tonight it is Joe's turn. You never know what to expect when it is her turn as she can be very creative when she is in the right mood and when she isn't, we eat KFC. (Check out http://jozeygirl.blogspot.com/ for some easy recipes. )

What was the last thing you bought?

A loaf of bread, milk, potatoes, onions, lettuce, cucumber... Oh, you mean the last exciting thing! That would be my laptop. For years, I struggled along with an old desktop, with the emphasis on "old", and recently I bought myself a nice Dell Inspiron laptop.

What is your favourite weather?

I love the autumn (fall) weather in our part of the world. The mornings are crisp and invigorating, the daytime is cool and the evenings are cold enough to put on winter pyjamas and fluffy slippers and drink hot chocolate.

What is on your bedside table?

I only spend sleeping time in my bedroom. All my other activities take place in other parts of my house, mostly on my back "stoep". The only constants on my bedside table are a bedside lamp, a bottle of nasal decongestant and a tin of Zam-Buk ointment.

What is your most challenging goal right now?

To survive the change of command at the military unit where I work. My current Commanding Officer is retiring at the end of July and we are getting a new CO. I have been through similar situations many times in my career and believe me; I'll rather have another baby than this. Labour pains last for a few hours but this pain lasts for months.

What would you like to have in your hands right now?

A large slab of Cadbury Fruit and Nut chocolate...mmm

What would you like to get rid of?

About 15 kilograms!... ouch!

What language(s) do you want to be able to speak?

In South Africa we have eleven official languages and I can only speak Afrikaans and English. I would love to speak either Zulu or Xhosa. I do understand a bit of the languages and can greet in various African languages, but I would love to be able to speak one of these fluently.

What's one thing you're looking forward to?

Retirement... and I only have 5 years to go!

If you were to pick up a pen right now, what would be the first thing you'd write?

Probably a note to my boss. (I am doing this at work - please don't tell).

Who was your childhood crush?

Sean Connery as James Bond. Mind you, I'm not so sure that crush ever left completely. (Am I giving my age away?)

What do you want to be... when you grow up?

I am grown-up, but in my "next life" I want to be Massey (my cat). I would have three humans catering to my every whim and be smothered in attention and love... sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

What (and when) was the last book you read?

I have just started on a book that was given to me by a friend; it is called Lion's Game by Nelson Demille and I have never before read anything by him. I spend about 30 minutes every morning and every afternoon on a bus between home and work. This is reading time. I am not a literary snob - I read anything and everything (except sci-fi). The previous book I read was Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Who is your favourite writer?

Max Lucado - he writes Christian literature but he is a master at using words to create pictures. Even if I were not a Christian, I would still read his books just for the pleasure of it.

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

Thanks for doing this! I wasn't sure you'd be up for it. I appreciate the shout-out, too.

Great list, by the way. I love your answer about the Cadbury chocolate. It's far too scarce in America.

smoke said...

I suggest you try and read some sci fi, or fantasy, you cant go wrong with Pratchett, Clark or Asimov.