Pinpoint on Planet Earth

This is my house! Just a pinpoint on Planet Earth, but my world, where I am, I do and I share my life with those closest to my heart. Nothing spectacular, but home to me.

I have not always lived here. I started life in another small house far from here, also with those closest to my heart, but that house and those ones have now returned to dust or moved away and on with their own lives and only very fond memories remain.

Hubby and I started our married life in a tiny house above the beautiful bay of Saldanha, on the West Coast of South Africa. A one-bedroom house that was so small that you had to close the door of the fridge before you could open the door of the oven.
Over the years, the family of two newly weds, grew into a family of five. With the growing family, the houses also grew bigger. By the time that the youngest of the family left home, we found ourselves in a large house, with an even larger garden, in Naboomspruit, Limpopo, more than 1,500 kilometres North East (as the crow flies) from where we started out as a family of two.
We felt quite lost in this big, empty house and we decided that we needed a smaller house with a smaller garden that would be less costly and easier to maintain. Within a week our house was sold and we found the perfect house in a row of townhouses next to the only park in our town. There are only 7 houses in the complex and we live in the last one in the row. We have been in this house now for 5 years and it has become home not only to my husband and I, but also to my children.

Our garden is tiny but still a place to soak up the sun and breath our fresh, pure Bosveldt air. Just enough for two people to enjoy and manage....

...well, almost manage during the rainy season!


Argent said...

Your photos are lovely! The first place my other half and I had was a little cottagewith 2 rooms upstairs and two down. The toilet was in a little hut in the back garden and there was no bathroom. It cost a princely 3 pounds a month to rent and was kind of an adventure it was so basic. His mother was convinced it had ghosts.

A human kind of human said...

Hi Argent, I'm just wondering, don't you sometimes wish you could live that "basic" again, because I do.

Jo said...

Your house and garden looks lovely. There is something magical about South Africa.

I like the look of your new blog template too. Very fresh -- fresh as daisies. :-)

A human kind of human said...

Thanks for visiting Jo. I'm planning to do a couple of posts on the Western Cape soon and I'll do one on Stellenbosch just for you.

Peggy said...

Your house sounds so wonderful! I myself downsized to the small condo apartment I have now on the 21st floor overlooking the lake. I miss having a bit of garden and the greenery - but I do get out and about a lot, so it makes no sense to have a garden when I have no time to look after it.

Thank you very much for sharing your bit of South Africa with me. I look forward to finding time to keep up with your blogs (and catch up with missed ones from the past) and in so doing get a bit of appreciation for the flavour of South Africa - as it is a place I plan to visit at some time in the future.

The love you have for your surroundings is expressed so clearly in your blogs!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I love your take on your tiny corner of the planet.