Sunday Morning

Last night.....

Here sit I
on my chair
on my stoep
mug of coffee ready
laptop open
eyes on screen
fingers on keyboard
ready to begin........... MIND BLANK!

Argent commented: ..."you just have to dive in somewhere and start swimming..." so that is what I am doing. (Do I start with breast stroke or with back stroke Argent?)

Yesterday I went down into the village to get a new pair of shoes for work. (Mine split open on Friday - I guess after daily wear for two winters I should not be surprised.) Now, as you have learned from my post on my sandals, this is a painful business at the best of times and yesterday was not the best of times.

At the end of every month the farmers around town bring their farm labourers into town to do their shopping. Pep Stores is one of their favourite shops and of course, my favourite shop for work clothes - not to mention that in our village also the only shop where you have a range of shoes to choose from. So to avoid a truly African shopping experience, I just came home. This Sunday morning I am not going to church, I am going to get new shoes.

So here sit I, again, but this time with a beautiful CD of Danie Botha playing and having my own "church service". I have done this often in the past, staying away from church and just spending time with The Lord on my own. I find this very gratifying. Instead of following a prescribed set of events - singing, praying, preaching, praying, singing - I allow the Holy Spirit to lead me, and Him being the Faithful Helper, has never disappointed me.

I know how important it is to gather with fellow worshippers and to share. Yet, I have learned through experience that if I skip going to a specific building, listening to a specific person preaching and singing specific songs, I will not be sentenced to eternal damnation.

Jesus wants us to have constant communication and interaction with Him - not only on Sudays by attending church services. He is an ever-present God and I believe the commandment about the seventh day of rest was given to give us time to do just that - REST.

I will now leave you all to enjoy your day of rest and I will spend some quality time with my Lord and then go and get new shoes!


Peggy said...

I agree entirely with you dear HKoH. The Lord can find us where ever we are - all we have to do is open our heart to him and invite him come visit.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Church is people, not a place. And if you seek, you will find. I don't think even Jesus would want to go to a lot of churches I've been to. Dry dry dry.

JD said...