Just over a week ago, disaster struck!

I had just completed a post and hit the "PUBLISH POST" button.

Nothing happened!

... and oh!, I was so excited about this particular post as it was an interview I had just completed. I could not save or publish - I could not even moderate any comments - it was terrible - "cold turkey" withdrawal is never fun!

I kept on getting "Error on page" and "Javascript:void(0)" messages. I spent the next couple of days visiting help sites and forums and absorbed a lot of new info, but it helped not a single iota. Every suggestion on how to solve this problem, failed miserably.

Next, I contacted a very talented and knowledgeable IT (wise)guy that I know very well (once again I had to confess my IT ignorance and stupidity to a cheeky child, half my age, and he will remind me, be sure... OUCH!) and he suggested that there was something wrong with my current JRE (Java). I immediately downloaded a new JRE (Java) (and there went another 17Mb of my precious megs) - but still no success.

Yesterday, I happened onto my candidate for president at http://www.nitecruzr.net/. I left a question for him and today I received a reply. "TRY CLEARING YOUR CACHE AND COOKIES."

I did.
It worked...
One hundred percent.

Thank you, thank you, thank you nitecruzr for spending your nites cruzring the web (my imagination... or is true?), you are my disaster control hero.


jozeygirl said...

welcome back, the Silence was getting to me

Arley said...

I did get your email, but with the move, this is the first time I have had a min. to myself. I have had problems with others being unable to view my blog (Jo was one of them) but nothing like what you had. I am so glad you were able to fix that. You do need to clear your CACHE at least once a month. It can do some pretty nasty stuff to your computer!